muscles & bones
human atlas

Eröffnung: Dienstag, 28. Januar 18.30 Uhr

Vom 29. Januar bis 28. März 2014

Address: Via di Porta Tenaglia,1 Milano

In “human atlas” Prammer combines photographs and artist books with ferrotypes and ambrotypes (photographs on glass or metal, made with an technique of the 19th century called wetplate photography). The photographs are from three different time periods and series, starting 2008 in Missouri, continuing 2011 in Vienna and finishing 2013 in Vienna and Salzburg.
Within the genre of group portraiture Prammer circles the topics of teenagers and youth. She concentrates on her models’ self-staging. Glancing at the multitude of portraits taken every day, Prammer breaks with the usually parameters of modern photography by using wetplates. This way her models have to stand still very long to pose for one single photograph and predictable self-staged poses disappear. A space arises where different images are possible.